Many organisations have VIPs or High Net Worth Individuals involved in either investing in the business, subsidiaries or the day to day running of your organisation....

As an example, if a VIP's Twitter account was compromised and a tweet was sent to say that a rival company was launching a takeover bid, then that would negatively affect the Organisation's Share Price.  An adversary could then take advantage of this to purchase shares during this time and when the tweet was declared to be false and the share price returned to normal, then the adversary would sell the shares for profit.

This is new dawn of Cyber Attacks and we exist to prevent them...

Our new VIP Cyber Risk Assessment Service are designed to provide reassurance to IT, Security & Risk Management departments within an organisation that with the new way of working remotely after the COVID-19 pandemic that their traditional perimeter has not been weakened.


These assessments provide a detailed report on the VIP's profile on the internet and an in depth assessment of the VIP's exposure to a range of cyber attacks, be they mobile, at home or in the office...

The assessments include;

  • Home ISP review

  • External Vulnerability Assessment of their Public IP address

  • Dark Web Interrogation of available information on the VIP

  • Review of Connected & Utilised Devices

  • Security Review of Working From Home Processes

and many more

The report includes Security Guidance, suggested Security Enhancements that balance the Organisation's Risk Acceptance with the ease and benefit of enhancing the security of the VIP.

These type of reports are being requested more and more by organisations looking to take our Cyber Security insurance...

One of the main objectives is to understand if the VIP is being watched or monitored by electronic devices and/or software by third parties.

We can also recommend and deliver secure builds for clients that are secure, yet still deliver the functionality that the VIP requires.

Providing ongoing advice, consultancy and training is just a benefit of our offering

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