The mile2 vendor neutral Certified Security Awareness 2 course is to help the student take organizational cyber awareness to the next level. Attendees will understand the security threats that are associated within a company culture.


The Certified Security Awareness 2 course provide lower and executive management a window as to the techniques of malicious hackers as well as the counter response controls management can implement to detour a major compromise.  


The Certified Security Awareness 2 course focuses on creating a sober-minded security culture, which includes leadership skills, management roles organizational training drills, organizational targeted assets/IP, compliance models, incidence mitigation policies, crises management roles and global laws and standards.  


The mile2 Certified Security Awareness 2 course is innovative and every manager and executive team member should cover these course topics.


This class will provide the attendee skills necessary to better understand an attack, how to train people to identify an attack but most importantly:  how to train internal targets so that the CSA1 & CSA2 training is effective!



  • Individual Course Access
  • Course Video
  • Physical, Printed Course book
  • Exam Prep Guide
  • Exam Simulator
  • Exam

C)SA2 Certified Security Awareness 2 - Electronic Course Kit & Exam

  • Modual 1 – Creating a Cyber Security Culture

    • Overview
    • Non-malware Attack Statistics 2017 (Carbon Black)
    • Cyber Security Culture
    • Requirements for Successful CSC
    • Steps to Create CSC
    • Key People for a Successful CSC and Their Roles
    • How Various Departments are Related to the CSC Program
    • Leadership Skills
    • Techniques Used by Successful Leaders
    • Yearly Training and Drills

    Modual 2 - Social Engineer Attacks: Executive Management and Assets

    • Overview
    • Techniques used by Hackers
    • Why Executives are Pinpointed as Targets
    • Whaling Attacks
    • Recent Successful Whaling Attacks
    • Whaling Mitigation
    • Intellectual Property
    • IP Categories
    • IP Legally Defined Categories
    • Keeping IP Safe
    • Keeping IP Safe - Recommendation

    Modual 3 – Incident Preparedness and Management Planning

    • Overview
    • Incident Mitigation
    • Incident Mitigation
    • Cyber Insurance
    • Cyber Insurance Gaps
    • Incident Preparedness Steps
    • Preparation Step
    • Identification Step
    • Crisis Management
    • Post Crisis Management
    • Post Crisis Management
    • General Recommendation for Post Crisis

    Modual 4 – Laws and Global Compliance Standards

    • Overview
    • Laws & Standards
    • Laws & Standards
    • 12 PCI DSS Requirements
    • Laws & Standards
    • SOX Most Important Sections
    • Laws & Standards
    • Data Classification
    • Objectives of Data Classification
    • Personal vs. Business Use
    • Personal vs. Business Use
    • Business Standard for Deleting Data
    • Mobile Device Security Risks
    • Mobile Device Security
    • BYOD Challenges
    • BYOD Policy

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