C)HISSP - Certified Healthcare Information Systems Security Practitioner




The vendor neutral Certified Healthcare Information Systems Security Practitioner certification course covers the skills and knowledge to implement the best IT Healthcare Practices, as well as, regulatory compliance and standards in the healthcare industry.


Because of growing industry regulations and privacy requirements in the healthcare industry, the Certified Healthcare Information Systems Security Practitioner

was developed by mile2.


The CHISSPs have become vital in managing and protecting healthcare data and are tasked to protect patient information by implementing, managing, and assessing proper IT controls for patient health information integrity.



  • Individual Course Access
  • Course Video
  • Physical, Printed Course book
  • Exam Prep Guide
  • Exam Simulator
  • Exam

C)HISSP - Certified Healthcare IS Practitioner - Physical Course Kit & Exam

  • Module 1: Intro to the Healthcare Industry

    • Healthcare Environment
    • Third-Party Relationships
    • Health Data Management Concepts

    Module 2: Regulatory Environment

    • Applicable Regulations
    • International Regulations and Controls
    • Internal Practices Compared to New Policies and Procedures
    • Compliance Frameworks
    • Risk-Based Decisions
    • Code of Conduct/Ethics

    Module 3: Healthcare Privacy & Security Policies

    • Security Objectives/Attributes
    • Security Definitions/Concepts
    • Privacy Principles
    • Disparate Nature of Sensitive Data and Handling Implications

    Module 4: Information Governance & Risk Management

    • How organizations manage information risk through security and privacy
    • governance, risk management lifecycles, and principle risk activities
    • Security and Privacy Governance
    • Risk Management Methodology
    • Information Risk Management Life Cycles
    • Risk Management Activities

    Module 5: Information Governance & Risk Assessment

    • Risk Assessment
    • Procedures from within Organization Risk Frameworks
    • Risk Assessment Consistent with Role in Organization
    • Efforts to Remediate Gaps

    Module 6: Third-Party Risk Management

    • Definition of Third-Parties in Healthcare Context
    • Third-Party Management Standards and Practices
    • Third-Party Assessments and Audits
    • Security/Privacy Events
    • Third-Party Connectivity
    • Third-Party Requirements
    • Remediation Efforts

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