COVID 19 (Coronavirus) Keeping Life Safe but not Isolated

In these uncertain times with Corovid 19, the changing advice of the UK Government (which is no fault of their own and is actually laudible that they have been working with both ICL and UCL London to create better statistical models), OFS Ltd, a local Newbury company wanted to provide some opinions and advice of our own that is actually going to help people in their day to day life.

Simon Earl, our leading expert on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery trained courses in many cities in Africa during the outbreak of the Ebola pandemic that actually ended up lasting for many years so we asked Simon to write some short bullet points based on his experience. Simon has been his usual unorthodox style and has actually given advice that we feel is very relevent to people who are now told to work from home, have children (toddler age upwards) and live as a family unit. This advice is just Simon’s opinion but will work for any pandemic now or in the future

This advice/opinion is not designed to go against the UK Governments advice (as it currently is) or formal instructions (which will be due soon) but a good basic defensive strategy

Going Out and About Precautions

So when you’re going out, either with the family or on your own, make sure that you have the following in a backpack etc

· Facemasks – Just don’t bother…you’ll need something like an N-95 Respirator. The paper face masks are designed to be worn by surgeons to prevent their germs from infecting their patients open wounds.

· Use Contactless Payments – How many people have touched the change that you’ve been given ?

· Tissues – You can pick up napkins from most bars or various stores offer packs for £1. If you see someone coughing or sneezing in to free air, then offer them one and suggest that they “should use it so your infection doesn’t spread to my family”.

· Latex Gloves – These are for shopping baskets or trolleys, especially when putting a £1 coin in the trolley. How many people have sneezed on your trolley before you got to it ?

· Hand Sanitiser – Ideally use a Commercial Small bottle version which is hard to get in these current times so I make this myself, there is a very good video on Youtube that basically consists of rubbing alcohol, glycerine and a perfume. Don’t try using Jelly cubes as Glycerin wasn’t actually easily obtainable in Angola at the time and it just made a Hand Sanitiser Jelly that would bounce if you dropped it on the floor.

· Face Wipes – Once you’ve washed your hands, take a face wipe, wipe your face and then throw it away

· Cough Sweets – Ideal if you have a smoker’s cough (I used to smoke), have asthma (take your pump and make a point of coughing loudly and then using your inhaler…this deflects any dirty looks that so many people seem to give these days)

· Don’t wear Jewellery - Limit the amount of jewellery that you wear when you go out. If you want to wear jewellery then be prepared to shower with it on when you get home to kill the virus.

· Cover Open Wounds - Always carry plasters or plastic plaster to cover any new open wounds you may get when you are out and about

· Be honest with yourselves - Don’t infect your friends or family….you don’t necessarily know what underlying health issues that they have….

Getting Home or At Home – Keeping Your Family Safe

When you get home try using the following procedures..

· Your Outside Handle HAS the virus - Always treat your outside door handle as being contaminated and treat it as a risk. Open it with a glove, sleeve or latex glove from when you’ve been out

· Shoes Off or Covered - If you can, get some elasticated shoe covers that can be put on your shoes when you walk in the door so that any virus particles are retained in those covers

· Contain the Outside Shoe Risk - Take off the shoes as early as possible and place all outdoor shoes in a cardboard box by the door. Try to minimise the number of shoes that you wear in the next few weeks, staying alive is more important than fashion.

· Money Laundering - Wash any change that you have either in a dishwasher or use a colander with hot and soapy water and once clean, save it for a rainy day, now is not the time to be sharing coins.

· Monitor your crew for changes - Invest in a thermometer and test every family member every day – this will help you identify quickly if anyone in your family becomes ill.

· Sleeves for Outside - For the next few weeks, consider having a set of “inside clothes” and a set of “outside clothes” for each member in your family. This helps prevent cross contamination and as I mentioned before the next few weeks are about staying alive, not fashion.

· Personal Hygiene - Keep nails clean and short as this reduces the risk of virus cells being held under the fingernails etc

· Shower Hygiene - Keep a towel for each family member and insist that they use their own towel.

· Be honest with yourselves - don’t infect your friends or family….you don’t necessarily know what underlying health issues that they have….

· Build your immune system - Look at using Berocca, Echinchea or other similar products. This is not an endorsement of any particular product but anything to build the immune system would be sensible

We hope that this finds you well, given the current circumstances. With the outbreak creating a fast-moving and uncertain situation affecting us all, personally and professionally, we wanted to inform you of other ways and methods that you could use to reduce your exposure to the new virus

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COVID 19 (Coronavirus) Outbreak Post

We hope that this finds you well, given the current circumstances. With the COVID 19 (Coronavirus) outbreak creating a fast-moving and uncertain situation affecting us all, personally and professional

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